How To Clean Your Diamond Ring

Diamonds can be your best friend. They reflect light in a stunning way that is incomparable to most other gemstones. It’s important to take good care of your diamond rings because they are huge investments that are irreplaceable.

Normal dirt, grime, and oil build up is an unavoidable menace to diamonds, but they can be dealt with extremely easily. Maintaining the elegant prestige of your gems isn’t hard, and cleaning them after years of exposure is just as simple.

Let’s take a look at the best way to clean your diamond rings and then keep them clean for years to come.

What Are Diamonds?

Diamonds are some of the most elegant crystals on Earth, and they form about 100 miles beneath the surface. Under immense pressure, high heat, and reaction to carbon, diamonds are a rare commodity that have become staples of the fashion industry.

Because of diamond’s unique properties, it is a common gemstone for jewelry making. It’s also the hardest naturally occurring material known, making it the most durable gemstone, as well as the most valuable. This is why it’s popular for engagement rings, as it represents lifelong resistance and strength.

The diamonds that you see in jewelry have been crafted and cut by expert jewellers. They’re capable of creating a slew of different designs that can suit any type of style. Round cuts are probably the most popular because of how they capture the light, but rows bling and princess cuts have a distinct appearance that is equally attractive.

Rows Bling Rings

Diamonds are great, but their high cost makes them tough to grab a hold of. This is why diamond simulants like cubic zirconia are fantastic alternatives. They look, behave, and are described in very similar ways to real diamonds, only at a fraction of the cost.

Regardless of if you have a real diamond or a diamond simulant, you’ll want to take some care to make sure that your favorite rings stay looking fresh. 

How Do I Keep Diamond Rings Clean?

Especially if your ring represents a pivotal moment, such as your engagement, you’ll want to make sure that you are utilizing some daily maintenance techniques to keep your ring safe, intact, and clean. This will prevent you from having to do full-on cleanings as often.

Although your diamond itself will withstand most elements, the band surrounding it is where some of the dirt and oil could build up and cause damage. You’ll want to remove your ring before engaging in hands on activities, like sports or moving furniture. Also, be careful not to wear your ring in pools or bodies of water, as the harsh chemicals could cause corrosion on the band. You might want to bring a small box or dish with you when you do this, just to ensure that you are keeping your ring in a safe place after removal.

If you don’t wear your ring every day, proper storage is key to increasing its longevity. Jewelry loves cool, dry, and dark places that protect them from the outside elements. Fabric lined jewelry boxes are great, as they cushion your ring and help to keep each article separated from one another.

High-quality pieces should come with a provided dust bag that can keep your jewelry safe from harm. If your band comes in one of these, this a great way to effectively keep your jewelry looking brand new.

It also won’t hurt to get the metal band reset every few years. Whether the band is platinum, white gold, or any other type of precious material, it will be subject to greasy residue and tarnish over time. You can get this reset by a jeweler at a low cost, and it could help to make your ring look brand new all over again.

Of course, no matter how well you take care of your jewelry, a couple of blemishes are inevitable. 

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

While some jewelers will offer to clean your ring for a low cost, why spend unnecessary time when you can just do it right from home? The absolute best way to do this is to purchase a kit from the same place that you purchased your jewelry—this will ensure that you’ll get the deepest, most effective clean, all without risking damage to your jewelry or the stone. 

This method is simple, quick, and will work for most jewelry, so you could get your whole collection done at once!

Here’s all you’ll need at your disposal:

  • Soft bristled toothbrush
  • Lint free cloth

Once you’ve gotten all of your materials ready to go, the last thing you’ll have to grab are your dirty diamond rings. After that, just follow these steps:

  1. Gentlybrush your ring with the soft bristled toothbrush. Be sure to get into the hidden crevices behind the gemstone and around other details to ensure that hidden dirt build up is getting removed. Also, pay extra attention to the inside of the ring that touches your skin.
  2. Use a cloth to remove any grime from the ring and polish it up. Lint free cloths are great, as these will be less abrasive to the metal band.

It’s as simple as that! As long as you store your newly cleaned rings properly, as well as keep their daily maintenance in mind, you shouldn’t need to clean your rings in this manner too often. However, if you feel like you need to keep your ice looking pristine all the time, there’s no harm in cleaning your rings as much as you please.

This method also works for rings without diamond gems. If you have rings made with cubic zirconia, sapphire, or other stronger gems, this is a great way to clean them. 

Insuring Your Ring

If you’re worried about that rock on your finger getting stolen, lost, or damaged due to dirt and grime, you can look into getting your ring insured. This is recommended to give yourself peace of mind when showing off your bling. Although insurance can be costly, it doesn’t come close to the price of a full ring replacement.

Also, before you purchase any ring, be sure to see if the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. This is a surefire way to tell if the company has faith in the quality of their products, as well as empathy for your investment. This can allow for free replacement of an item should it become damaged or worn due to normal wear. Rings with a lifetime guarantee are typically your best bet if you’re in the market for some new drip.

Hexagon Star Ring Gold

Although a lifetime guarantee is best, you should at least check to see if the jeweler has any type of warranty on their products. Some may offer free repairs, free cleanings, or special offers for buying from them. Do some research before you make a life changing investment, as some manufacturers will be a lot more reputable than others.


There is nothing better than a flawless diamond ring. These are real attention-getters, and their sleek style fits with any outfit. And although a diamond is a durable stone, you need to take extra care to keep the ring’s band in good shape. Store them properly in cool, dark places and avoid wearing them in pools and during exercise.

When the ring inevitably becomes dirty, you can use a simple dish soap solution to clean your precious metals quickly and easily. But if your ring comes with a lifetime guarantee or warranty, you can lessen the hassle of having to worry about the quality of your next piece.